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To do my Pastel portraits I use the better Pastel bars like Schminke, Rembrandt, Senellier and the best materials...
All the samples you can see in my shop come from real persons who commissioned a Pastel portrait. I always start an open dialogue by mail with my clients to know exactly what they want and what they needs are.
The pictures are very important to make a good portrait. The better the picture, the better the final result. I usually ask my clients to send me different images so we can choose together the better one. This also allow me to take a better image of the subject to be painted. In order to make a portrait, a smile is not always required. But the lights, size and colors in the picture are very important. It's not the same the light needed for a child than the light for and old man or lady. Big size pictures or digital files allow me to get into the details more than small images.

The most common sizes I use are 21,5 x 19,5 inches (40 x 50 cm) for a single portrait, or 19.5 x 27,5 inches (50 x 60cm) for double portrait (Canson Paper). Anyway the picture defines the size, so the sizes are guidance measures. If you need a special size just let me know.

Once the portrait is finished I spray it with a professional Pastel Fixative, which will protect the painting for the years to come. Then is protected in a sheet of paper, rolled, putted in a strong tube and send it by postal service.

The process to make a single Pastel Portrait takes between 2-3 days since the confirmation but sometimes I have overbooking so it takes a little more. If this happens I would send you an email to inform you before starting the work.

I will not ask you to pay any percentage in advance. I trust people as people trust my work and me. I’ve never had a problem working like this. Prior to mailing your portrait I will send you a digital photo for your review. This is your chance to suggest any changes and comment the portrait. If you are satisfied with the portrait after viewing the photo you can make the payment.

Clients are involved from beginning to end of the process so feel free to contact me for any questions or doubts.

You can see more of my Portrait works at my web

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